Player Of The Month: Brian Smith

The Martin Player of the Month for April 2012.

Name: Brian Smith (Big Smith)

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Occupation: Mr. Mom. Currently unemployed and taking care of the kids. I perform music during weekend nights to pay my mortage.

My Martins: I have always wanted to have a Martin. I finally graduated from college and bought myself one as a gift. It is a D-15M dreadnought and it is beautiful.

My Gigs: I play a solo Johnny Cash tribute and I also gig with my band “God’s Outlaw”. We are a traditional 3 piece like Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two. We perform original and cover songs all over the state and have opened for Hank III, David Allan Coe, Dale Watson and a few others. I don’t plan on making a living at it or becoming a rock star. I just love to play.

Heros & Inspiration: That’s easy. Johnny Cash. He never let the fame go to his head.

How I Discovered Martins: The D-15M I bought is the first Martin I ever played. I would visit the music store and play it for a couple house until finally had the money to buy it. I just fell in love with that guitar. I want no other. Other than Johnny Cash’s black martin [D-35].

Where I’d Like To Be In 5 Years: I would like to be performing with Merle Haggard on a big stage with some of my friends in the front row.


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